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Increase sales, leads and engagement with Interactive Content

Ion is a code-free software for marketers that allows you to break through the boredom and insufficiency of static content through interactive formats. See how you can:

  • Create quizzes, calculators, interactive ebooks and whitepaper, infographics and other formats without ever writing one line of code

  • Collect meaningful data on every prospect in a privacy-friendly, compliant way

  • Build personalized interactive content experiences fast

  • Go from low conversions to overwhelming your sales team with opportunities

  • Transform useless data into super actionable insights inside your CRM
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Ion powers the content strategy of the world's most valuable brands

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Create complex tools and content without a developer

In Ion, advanced logic together with motion and interactivity is all available right from the creative studio making it truly possible for non developers to create advanced experiences without writing code. You can create various content formats such as:

15-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-41-PM Interactive Landing Pages
Ion Interactive Content - Rock Content (3) Interactive eBooks, Infographics & Whitepapers
Untitled design (1) Calculators
Ion Interactive Content - Rock Content (2) Quizzes & Assessments
Ion Interactive Content - Rock Content (5) Solution Finders
16-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-40-PM Lookbooks & Tours
15-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-41-PM Resource Pages
17-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-38-PM And more!



Why Interactive Content?

With Ion, you deliver precisely what your audience wants. In exchange, they go through your buyer’s journey frictionlessly, until the end.

That means more revenue, more retention, and the most spectacular customer experience they could ever have.

Code-free -1 Code-free Application

Build personalized interactive content experiences fast

You can start from a blank canvas, use fully-responsive Quick Start templates, or leverage Rock Content's professional services team to plan, create, and launch your own branded content experiences.

First-party Data-1 First-party Data

Launch, capture data, measure and generate insights

Capture first-party data for lead qualification, sales enablement and so much more. Know who’s consuming your interactive content and how they’re engaging with clear reporting and accuracy. Even run A/B/n campaigns to test which variants are driving conversion results.

Revenue Acceleration-1 Revenue Acceleration

Leverage data for lead qualification and sales enablement

Improve sales & marketing alignment while accelerating marketing-to-revenue velocity by eliminating the time and momentum gap between the handoff. Integrate with you CRM or marketing automation tool and make data flow seamlessly.

Our customers create content experiences that perform




14-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-42-PM MAIN RESULT
4x more leads
15-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-41-PM INTERACTIVE FORMATS
Solution Builder, eBooks and White Paper
16-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-40-PM USE CASES
Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Professional Services
17-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-38-PM INDUSTRY
Human Resources




14-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-42-PM MAIN RESULT
10x sales opportunities
15-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-41-PM INTERACTIVE FORMATS
Landing page and Microsites
16-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-40-PM USE CASES
Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Eloqua integration
17-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-38-PM INDUSTRY
Software & Technology




14-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-42-PM MAIN RESULT
82% revenue increase
15-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-41-PM INTERACTIVE FORMATS
Assessment, Calculator
16-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-40-PM USE CASES
Demand Generation
17-Oct-18-2022-09-30-31-38-PM INDUSTRY