Webinar Rand Fishkin

FREE WEBINAR: First-party Data and a Changing Market

Interview with Rand Fishkin (Moz Founder and CEO at Sparktoro)

Do you know how to use data to understand and meet the changing needs of your customers and prospects—no matter the moment or marketing strategy?

Watch Rand, Rodrigo and Diego discuss how data can increase marketing strategies that lead to better decisions. While achieving an outcome regardless of the situation your company is going through. They will also be providing answers like “How can I better understand my customers?“, or “Is content still king?“. Discover this and much more in our interview with Rand Fishkin.

In this content, they will cover:

  • Keeping your content relevant and timely
  • How content has evolved in the past and how it will continue to change
  • How to make content stand out from your competition
  • The immediate impact of COVID-19
  • How companies are successfully adapting to COVID-19
  • Using data to overcome the new challenges with the current uncertainty
  • How to better understand and serve customers through the changes

Rand Fishkin

Diego Gomes
Rock Content

Rodrigo Nascimento
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